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Forbes Agency Council In those days, Google’s algorithms were still maturing, which left the door wide open for fly-by-night digital marketing companies official website to invent creative (read: unethical) ways to serve their clients. It was a virtual arms race of SEO trickery. In the short term, shady digital marketing firms and their unwitting clientele enjoyed easy SEO outcomes that quickly placed them at the top of the world’s most relevant search engines. However, Google improved its algorithmic process and swiftly punished companies for abusing its system. Many organizations realized that their once-stellar rankings had fallen straight into the gutter. Moreover, these businesses discovered that their presence on the web had lacked real substantive content and genuine links pointing to their website. These unfortunate victims of bad SEO practices found themselves struggling to recover. Fast forward to today, and SEO remains a bit of a dirty word in many circles. But SEO is not only alive and well -- it's thriving.

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Three young golden eagles have been released into the wild at a secret location in the Moffat Hills. They were moved from nests in the Highlands where the majority of the birds are usually found. The translocation project hopes to increase the number of golden eagles in parts of the country where they have become an increasingly rare sight. Fewer than five breeding pairs exist in the south of Scotland with none in England or Wales. The BBC was given exclusive access to see the young birds ahead of them taking flight for the first time in one of the most significant reintroduction projects ever under taken for a large predator. It is hoped people from the south of Scotland, northern England and even Wales will have the chance to see this iconic bird in the coming months and years. Image caption The birds have only been handled twice - when they were removed from their nests in the Highlands and when they were checked and tagged Image caption The eagle is measured and tagged before being released into the wild In the first of a series of groundbreaking translocations, conservationists working for the South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project have successfully transported three chicks.  After being examined, measured and then fitted with a satellite transmitter to track them when they take to the skies, they were released into the Moffat Hills. The birds were only handled twice - once when they were removed under licence from their nests and when they were checked over and tagged before being released. Image caption The chicks were removed from nests of golden eagles in the Highlands The £1.3m project, hosted by the Southern Uplands Partnership, is now calling on volunteers across the south of Scotland to support project staff and Scottish Raptor Study Group members in monitoring and recording sightings of the birds. The chicks were named by local schoolchildren as Edward, Beaky and Emily.  RSPB Scotland, Scottish Land & Estates, Forestry Commission Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, and Buccleuch and the Southern Uplands Partnership, have been working together for more than 11 years to bring the project to fruition.

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google-algorithm-above-the-fold And it is something where when you change those pages, you don’t have to wait for any manual update on our side for that to be taken into account.” After Mueller’s comment, it seemed clear that Google would pick up on changes to your website and adjust rankings automatically after crawling your site. Google’s Gary Illyes also confirmed the page layout algorithm is still a big deal, in March 2017: — Gary “鯨理” Illyes (@methode) March 14, 2017 Websites Impacted by the Page Layout Algorithm With four updates to the page layout algorithm, it might seem like a significant change, but less than 1 percent of sites were affected by each of the updates. These changes only affected people that had an excess of ads, to the point where user experience was weak, and it might benefit their site to re-think their web design. “This algorithmic change does not affect sites who place ads above-the-fold to a normal degree, but affects sites that go much further to load the top of the page with ads to an excessive degree or that make it hard to find the actual original content on the page.” As a website owner, I can see where some people might have been upset. When it’s your page, with your ads, you’d think you should be able to organize it however you want and not be penalized. Besides, placing ads is how many of us keep our sites profitable. Lots of prominent ad spots will pull in more revenue…But, at what cost? Some members of the WebmasterWorld forum saw an impact: One forum member stated they were hit by the first algorithm update on February 7, 2012 and saw a 40 percent drop in traffic. They shared this image: Another member said it took them two years to recover from the first algorithm update. The truth is that people won’t want to visit a site if they feel berated with ads. They’ll get frustrated and look for whatever they were searching for – whether it’s birthday party ideas or expert golf advice – somewhere else.

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