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Here's a crash course in the violations parking lot auto repairs Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times Doing auto repairs in an HOA parking lot is typically a violation of the rules. Doing auto repairs in an HOA parking lot is typically a violation of the rules. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times) Donie Vanitzian Question: Were a small HOA with limited parking. Theres an owner who runs an auto-repair business from his unit. He also occupies more parking spots than those allotted to him about four in all and does mechanic work in those spots, including oil changes and transmission and brake repair. The HOA is neither insured for this kind of activity, nor does it have the necessary permits. No one wants to get confrontational with this man because hes a big guy and unfriendly. Our HOA consists mainly of blue-collar workers, so we dont have a lot of resources to be able to afford to hire legal assistance. How should we approach this situation? Answer: The best way to deal with this problem is head-on because it is problematic for multiple reasons. The board has to find the courage to approach this owner, and while it need not be confrontational, it cannot be passive either.

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