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Though Erika was 35, and Freida, 18, both were 5 feet 2 inches tall. Their smiles were nearly identical. They loved to catch lizards. And the half-sisters planned to attend concerts and share a room in stepmother Linda Rezas La Verne home after Erika Rochas release from the California Institution for Women in Chino which they hoped would come sometime in 2016. Then the unthinkable happened. On April 14, a prison official called Reza to say her stepdaughter was found hanging, another apparent suicide victim at a prison shaken by a spike in self-inflicted inmate deaths. The next day, a coroners official told her Rocha stepped onto a toilet, tied a bedsheet to a heating vent and stepped off. Im so angry, Reza said recently. Why werent they watching her? After Rochas death came two possible suicides that stirred concern this year at the prison. Another is the June 1 death of Shaylene Graves, 27, who grew up in Fontana and was six weeks from her release. Prison officials told the family Graves was found hanging.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel, under increasing pressure inside Germany to take a much tougher line on immigration after opening the country's borders to waves of refugees in 2015, said the Berlin attack raised many questions and promised measures would be taken to improve security. Amri originally come to Europe in 2011, reaching the Italian island of Lampedusa by boat. He told authorities he was a minor, though documents now indicate he was not, and he was transferred to Catania, Sicily, where he was enrolled in school. Just months later he was arrested by police after he attempted to set fire to the school, a senior police source said. He was later convicted of vandalism, threats, and theft. He spent almost four years in Italian prisons before being ordered out of the country after Tunisia refused to accept him back in 2015 because he had no identification papers linking him to the north African country. He moved to Germany and applied for asylum there, but this was rejected after he was identified by security agencies as a potential threat. Once again he could not be deported because of a lack of I.D. Merkel said on Friday she had told Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi during a phone conversation that her government wanted to speed up deportation of failed asylum seekers.